Dolly Konzelmann, Customer Service Professionals Network (CSPN)
Dolly Konzelmann
President & CEO
Customer Service Professionals Network (CSPN)

Dolly Konzelmann is the President and CEO of CSPN. She has been in the customer service/customer experience industry for almost 25 years. CSPN has been empowering organizations to create a customer-centric culture and helping them differentiate their organization and brand. Dolly leads the company’s benchmarking, consulting, and training efforts that help many of the leading organizations build customer loyalty through the lens of the customer. CSPN is a recognized leader in the design and delivery of their numerous award-winning certified training programs including customer service, customer experience, change management and leadership. CSPN hosts a number of events where people from all industries network, learn and acquire the knowledge they need to stay connected in this industry. Dolly is sought after speaker and has been interviewed on number on television and radio shows. She has been invited to be a judge on various service awards including the coveted FRPO (Federation of Rental-Housing Providers) and the BILD (Building Industry and Land Development Association) Awards.